Wednesday, November 29, 2006

'Au Revoir' micro-soft-ware!

French Parliament is moving from microsoft's windows to Linux platform, replacing IE with Mozilla's FireFox and microsoft office with ....

As reported on There is currently a number of French ministries and government bureaus that run Linux, but only on servers. France's Senate and National Assembly will be the first to use Linux on workstations, although neither one has announced which flavor of Linux it plans to use instead of Microsoft's software next year.

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In Fact "Je suis tres content de vous ecrire cette poste"*! :)

*My French is bad, very bad.. no comments on it please :)

translation to Arabic:

يقوم حاليا البرلمان الفرنسي باستبدال نظام التشغيل windows بنظام التشغيل مفتوح المصدر Linux مستبدلا -كخطوات انتقالية- متصفح internet explorer بالمتصفح FireFox الذي تنتجه شركة Mozilla، وبرنامج Microsoft Office بــ

هناك عدة مزودات (servers) في عدة وزارات و عدة مكاتب حكومية تعمل بالفعل بنظام التشغيل Linux، ولكن تأتي هذه المبادرة لتعميم استخدامها بين الموظفين وليس فقط على الخوادم (servers)..

لا نملك إلا أن نقول ولو جزئيا "وداعا microsoft"!!


أحمد فؤاد الدين said...

I think this was my idea for Egypt we can get more support from LInux if we convert into it but what really happens is that our government support microsoft strongly due to the meetting of Bill Gates with mubarak - i mean it with lower case-
"In Mubarak we don't trust"

Crazy World said...

well, The defeat of Microsoft in the governments' field started from eastern and now in central Europe and i dream that Linux will come over Microsoft in whole Europe then all over the world

Cerebrosus world said...

Hurrray Mr. Bill Gates