Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stefan Esser resigns from PHP security team!

Heise security, is reporting the resignation of Stefan Esser from the php security team response
from the article:

"Stefan Esser, PHP security specialist and member of the official PHP Security Response Team has, he says, had enough - in his blog he has announced his immediate resignation from the PHP Security Response Team. He states that he has various reasons for doing so, the most important of which is that his attempt to make PHP safer "from the inside" is futile. According to Esser, as soon as you try to criticise PHP security, you become persona-non-grata in the security team. In addition many of his suggestions were ignored because the developers considered Esser's choice of words, too abrasive. He says that he had stopped counting the number of times he was called a traitor when he published a bug report on a vulnerability in PHP."


"The disagreement between Esser and the PHP team seems to be particularly inflamed by the matter of how best to improve the security of PHP"

and here is the announcement Stefen wrote on php security blog...

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Cerebrosus world said...

Well, i can't understand any bit of what posted here. but i think its something about security!!
In Maslo's hierarchy we notice that the secuirty emelment is placed in the base of the hierarchy so that we can say that secuirty is the one of the elements to push people respect of programming, security element, according to Maslo's hierarchy, also push the language forward.
insecured langauge = shit