Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i should be an engineer!

i went through an e-test under the topic : "What College Major Are You/Should You Be?",

and the result came :

"Your major should be Engineering. Logic is your friend. With enough work, you can find a solution to anything... Unless it involves dating or parties."

thanks brainfall!!


أميره..من غير قصر و لا بستان و لا الشاطر حسن كمان said...

lys kol ma y"should"ho al mar2 ydrko ya mos3b

و الخيره فيما اختاره الله لك
و بعدين كفايه ان كلنا عارفيين و مقتنعين انك الباشمهندس مصعب احمد على سن و رمح :):)

Cerebrosus world said...

انا مش قولتلك قبل كده ان انته عبقري
انته كده دايما عامل زي القرع تمد لبره

لازم يعني الخوجات يقولولك انك عبقري

دي قلة ادب يا استاذ

menSh said...

Thanks for the website.
Although; most of the tests over there are too silly... but I think that I will take the College and 24 characters tests. :D