Saturday, July 14, 2007

switched to Debian

after a long time using SUSE, i switched to Debian, and till now i am satisfied with the decision.
many Arabic issues were solved in open office and the synpatic and apt-get are awesome..
just one thing is left, installing KDE, coz i like it more than GNOME, and the problem is i don't have enough time to do so..

but anyway, i am really satisfied with the decision and the results are so far great :)

update (15-7-2007) : installed KDE yester-night :)
i love the debian DVDs, i now know for sure it was worth the time downloading them

other distros i used : mandrake, redhat, slackware, fedora, centos, ubuntu and SUSE.


Mariam said...

Begad... I don't understand nor unfortunately have the time to understand how these stuff works, or what exactly are they?!!!

I just saw UBUNTO with qotb and watch some of the stuff you mentioned with Mohammad, but anyways I guess Open Source is getting bigger... and I hope it'll swallow big Operation systems Organizations SOON:)))

مصـ( الخير )ـعب said...

well mariam,

UBUNTU is the grandson of debian, UBUNTU is based on debian..

both are very cool and powerfull.

I wish too open source gets bigger, but don't wish it swallows big OS organizations, they are all options and the more options we get the more free we become :)

I just hope one thing, those organizations stop monopoly..

Cerebrosus world said...

ya basha alf alf mabrouuuuuuuuuk,

I'm really happy coz u started using Ubuntu's grandpa and i hope u find the romantic relationship between u and depian as me and my great Ubuntu.

"ur OS is not a tool its you in a digitalized being" Ahmed Abdullah


Florchakh said...

Years ago when I installed Red Hat 7.2 everything was much more difficult, especially without an internet connection. Now it's so easy to install and enjoy Linux, I completely switched to Ubuntu half year ago. There were only a few problems with sound and graphics. However, my printer still is not supported, so I can't say bye bye to windows on my hdd...

Debian rocks, in my humble opinion it's simply much better than sucky SUSE ;-)