Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chrome's sad tab

This is what Google's Chrome display when a tab goes bad! I really loved it so much (click on image to enlarge).

Note: This is my work pc, it is running windows -which i don't like- so I installed a Mac Theme.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Bye IOL..

Dear IOL* members,

It has been nearly 4 years now in IOL in different positions and departments. I believe it is time for me now to move, I should have done this at least a year ago, but I didn't in three different occasions because of many factors, most importantly 20at's** benefit. These years meant a lot to me, I learned many things really, but I believe I have now reached a saturation point, where my stay will not be of acceptable benefits for both IOL and me, in fact it even may do nothing but hold me still instead of going forward. Thus I decided a while ago considering opportunities that come along.

  Today at nearly 4:00 pm i received an offer, that I accepted, from a software company named "Citex Software" to work there as a software engineer. The offer satisfies many needs at this phase of my career basically and my life as well. On top of them is the need of new and fresh career blood, working with a young team that understands each other and can really think of things differently and effectively, a place where I can learn a lot of new things and a better financial level. All these factors exist in this opportunity along with others, so I am accepting the offer. I should start there right after The Eid, that means 2 weeks and a half from now.

  Despite the fact that there were some issues inside the company that could be dealt with better, I really find it hard to take such a decision and will always remember IOL was like home to me. It is the nature of things anyway; people leave their homes when they are grown up and choose their own way. Thank you all for everything, and yes I think this is a Goodbye. Hope you all the best from all my heart.

Best wishes ever,
Mosab Ahmad.

* IOL =, and media international company
** 20at =, may main project i am was working on, i built it from scratch.